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Balance for your Body, Mind and Breath

Hi everyone, I’m Pam, a Physiotherapist whose passion and skill lives in movement. From a young age, I have been a mover. I started with dance & ballet at 4 years old and as I grew, my love for movement and sports did too, including: swimming, hockey and badminton. At the age of 18, I made a difficult decision to leave the dance world and follow a path to university to train as a Physiotherapist. During four years of amazing learning and opportunity to join all sorts of sports families, I decided my passions lay with hockey and swimming, and occasionally joining good friends at volleyball, but at 5’3” it just didn’t work out. 

After a disastrous trampolining accident, rupturing my ankle ligaments, I had to retire from hockey and took up swimming more competitively. I use the term 'competitively' loosely though, as my friends and I were there for the fun of it, proudly loosing most swim-meets in style! Our team moto was “leave your pride of the side”, but the camaraderie and team spirit was infectious! Being part of this wonderful group of people led me to pursue my part-time sports centre job as a more serious career and I trained in swim teaching and development, exercise classes, personal training in the gym environment and pool management. It all complimented my Physiotherapy degree perfectly. 

Once qualifying from university, I stayed with the sports centre, enjoying the coaching aspects of the job. It also fitted around travelling as the team physiotherapist with Scottish sports teams and, more locally, the wonderful North Berwick Rugby Club! 

Around this time I took on a position with Leuchie House, delivering exercise that the guests may not have received at home, giving them a great holiday retreat experience. I have never met a more dedicated team of staff or determined group of clients anywhere! 

I finally settled into a full-time position as a partner in a local Physiotherapy clinic, where I had also worked for 4 years alongside my other jobs! 

When my first boy came along, I trained in Pilates with the APPI, a wonderful way to recover from pregnancy. When my second boy came along, I decided to take a step back from owning and managing the clinic. (You can still find me at Physiotherapy Plus attending to your aches and pains!...just under new management). This change has allowed me to focus more on my own business Kind Kinetics, delivering Pilates, yoga, and fitness for all aspects of your health, fitness and wellbeing. 

I love my work: from my classes and my development from being inspired by movement at a young age; to my own injury driving me to build on my passions, following my heart in all I do. The wonderful and inspiring spirits I meet on the way, give me the drive and motivation to improve the services and experiences I offer.