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Where it all began!

Physio -Led Pilates came about when I noticed a need to help assist people with their rehabilitation when they didn’t necessarily need to come for a 1:1 Physiotherapy appointment anymore. It was a more economical solution to allow for further rehabilitation under the watchful eye of a Physiotherapist. Classes are and have always been small, allowing me to be able to give specific instructions and modifications to those who need it. With my past history in Aquatic training, Kettle bells, Zumba, aerobics and Metafit- HIIT training, it seemed a natural progression to improve my service to my Physiotherapy clients.

At the time I had always planned people would move on once they get to the point they feel confident with their function. However everyone loved the classes so much that no-one wanted to leave! Many still attending from my very first nerve wracking class!

So a new angle was born, classes became about functional fitness, mindfulness and importantly education. They developed as dedicated time to treat your mind and body to a focused class on keeping key areas strong, long and mobile. Always finishing with the firm favourite part of relaxation which came from roots of meditation, relaxation, imagery and mindfulness.

Through out the years I have gone on to complete courses in Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates and fitness, standing Pilates, Pilates for Osteoporosis, Pilates for Scoliosis, 200Hr Yoga, As well as courses in equipment specific Exercise including small balls, weighted balls, magic circles and foam rollers to mention a few.

Continued education is at the heart of Physiotherapy and something I am very proud to also incorporated in my Kind Kinetics class delivery too.

And thanks to COVID-19 classes are now available in 3 formats! Recorded, Online Live and face to face! My schedule has grown but my roots remain, Classes will stay small you will get individual attention and are always free to ask for advice and tips for any aches and pain that may be troubling you. The perfect service to attend to all your body needs.

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